About Us


CARE for Pets was established in Newcastle in late 2010 to help people who were incapacitated by illness or frailty and unable to care for their pets.

It is widely recognised that pets are great therapy for their owners so it is important that people have the company of their pets during their recovery or illness.

The volunteers at CARE for Pets understand the importance of the bond between owners and pets and step in to help when owners are not able to provide care.

A little note about our name CARE for Pets: CARE is an acronym – Companion Animals Reward Everyone (and they do)

The following story illustrates the benefits CARE for Pets is able to provide:

I live alone with my cat and companion dog. I have an illness which requires me to go into hospital frequently but only for short periods – one or two nights. I really want my pets with me as much as possible and the CARE for Pets volunteer team   worked out an arrangement to enable this to happen. I would like to sincerely thank CARE for Pets for their wonderful caring   service”      

Thanks Team!

Sweet as Candy