About Us

CARE for Pets was established in Newcastle in late 2010 to assist people who were refusing to seek their own medical treatments if the only option was to surrender their beloved pets.

The evidence shows that living with a companion animal is extremely beneficial to health and well-being. It is widely recognised that pets are great therapy for their owners so it is important that people have the company of their pets during their recovery or illness.

CARE for Pets understands the importance of the bond between owners and pets and step in to help when owners need to attend hospital and look forward to being reunited with their pets on their return.


Kerry said:

“I live alone with my little Maltese and when I had to go into hospital CARE for Pets was there for me – to mind Missy. Her vaccinations came due and I wasn’t well enough to drive so a CARE for Pets volunteer drove her to the vets for me. Over a period of months I was in and out of hospital and it gave me peace of mind to know that Missy was being cared for by the devoted foster carers at CARE for Pets but the best part was when I came home – within hours, my little dog was back in my arms again. Thank you CARE for Pets!”

Another story illustrating the benefits caring for pets of patients is able to provide:

I live alone with my cat and companion dog. I have an illness which requires me to go into hospital frequently but only for short periods – one or two nights. I really want my pets with me as much as possible and the CARE for Pets volunteer team   worked out an arrangement to enable this to happen. I would like to sincerely thank CARE for Pets for their wonderful caring   service”      

Thanks Team!

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